10 Party Ideas for the Best Movie Night

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For any age group, you can plan a fantastic movie night that all will enjoy. But to make them memorable for those who attend, here are 10 ways you can wow your guests.

1. Killer Treats

Is your movie set somewhere in Italy? Then make treats fitting to that region like pizza bagels, meatball sliders, or caprese skewers. If your movie is horror film, whip up some bloody marys for your legal-aged guests.

2. Comfy Seats

Don’t even think about making your guests sit in your spare dining room tables for a two hour movie. Once the couches are full, create a comfy floor space using air mattresses, pillows, blankets for your friends.

3. Refreshing Drinks

Bring the booze for the grown-ups and cool-aid for the kids. Bloody Mary bar for the adults and an impressive selection of add-ins for the kids soda like sorbet, frozen fruit, and candy straws.

4. Theater Bingo

Create a custom bingo sheet for the movie you’ll be watching. Items to include could be “steamy kiss”, “car crash”, “f-bomb”, “bad dad joke”, “karate kick”, or “explosion”. Be sure to provide prizes for the winners!

5. Multiple Viewing Options

Designate one room for the kids. Set up a kid-friendly movie with kid-friendly snacks. You can even hire a babysitter to watch the movie with them while the moms and dads retreat to another part of the house to watch a movie more suited to their tastes! You’re sure to be appreciated for the night out you just gave them.

6. Make A Popcorn Bar

Set out your table, cover it with mix-ins, huge bowls of popcorn, and a serve-yourself-mentality, and your guests are going to love you.

7. Create A Big Screen

Set up a large white sheet and rent (or purchase!)  a projector for the IMAX experience in your own backyard.

8. Watch Jaws From The Pool

Set up your big screen and projector near the pool! You guests should come in their swimsuits, bring something to float on, and face their fears head on! Watching Jaws from the depths of your pool will be something they never forget.

9. Come In Costume

Invite your guests to dress up as characters from the movie. You can reward their participation with prizes for best and worst dressed!

10. Rent Out The Theater

This one is a little pricey, but I seriously doubt many invites will be turned down. Rent out the entire theater for the viewing of a new release and your guests will never forget who provided that free experience for them.


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