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8 Ways to Organize ALL Canned Goods

8 Ways to Organize ALL Canned Goods| Organization, Canned Good Organization, Pantry Organization, DIY Pantry Organization, Pantry Organization Ideas, Canned Goods, Canned Good Organization, Home Organization, DIY Kitchen Organization, Popular Pin #Organization #CannedGoods #KitchenOrganization #PantryOrganization

    1. Install shallow closet shelving on an exposed wall in the pantry. 2. Store cans in a drawer and label their tops with the foods inside. 3. Store in baskets on pantry shelves. 4. Make your own rotating…

10 Ways to Turn Pallets Into Storage

10 Ways to Turn Pallets Into Storage| Pallet Storage, Pallet Storage Projects, Storage, Home Storage Hacks, DIY Storage for the Home, Home Organization and Storage, Home Storage Hacks, Popular Pin #Storage #Organization #HomeOrganization

Find other home storage projects here: 10 Absolutely Genius Ways to Store and Organize Your Blankets   1. Re purpose old pallets for organizing your gardening tools. 2. Organize and stack your dirty laundry for a more condensed organizational hack.…