15 Simple Ways to Deep Clean Your Car

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1. CARditioner

Give your car some special treatment by wiping it down with hair conditioner. Talk about a power clean! The lanolin in the CARditioner is a kind of wax that will make you shine with pride.  Source.

2.  Everything You Do Is Magic!

Conjure up some car cleaning magic with a Magic Eraser!  Wipe down armrests, dashboards, door panels, and windows to remove anything from scuffs and scrapes to sticky spots and fingerprints.  Idea from Honeybear Lane.

3. Highlight Those Headlights

Headlights can take quite the beating from all the little rocks and bugs they come into contact with.  To help give them their original shine, highlight your headlights with baking soda toothpaste.  Just rub toothpaste on the headlights with a dry rag and rinse.

4. Repair the Air

Repair the quality of the air coming through your vents with a good spray from a compressed air can.  I like the electronics duster cans from Staples.

5. Put A Sock In It!

Put a sock-covered cup in your cupholders to wipe out lose dirt, dust, crumbs, and grimes.  Spray the sock lightly with some all purpose cleaner first for a more thorough job.

6. Tighten the Screws

Tighten the screws on your detailing job with this brilliant idea.  Run a flat head screwdriver along crevices to clean out that otherwise impossible to remove dirt.  So much more effective than flimsy toothpicks!

7.  “Oil” Freshen That Right Up

Drip a little bit of essential oils on a clothes pin to make a natural car freshener.  A fresh smell with an added bonus for your health.  That is a fresh idea!

8. Don’t You Look Dashing!

Get your dashboard looking dashing again.  Simply take a rag with a small dab of olive oil and rub down your leather features.  Such a better solution to buying expensive car seat polish!

9. Air-Brushed

Use a foam paint brush to clean out your dusty air vents.  The foam will squeeze between the slats to clean even the smallest of corners.

10. Happy Car With A Clay Bar

Make your car happy by using a clay bar.  Clay bars help to remove minor scratches, dried water residue, and other spots that washing alone doesn’t remove. You only need to “clay a car” about twice a year.

11. Go Goo Goo

Goo Gone is some of the best residue remover out there!  It will de-stick anything from your car’s interior.  Be sure to use a fabric cleaner for sticky messes on fabrics though.

12. Glass Eyed

You’ll be glass eyed after reading this great glass cleaning hack.  Use an ammonia-water mix to clean mirrors and windows for a streak-free shine.  Fill an empty spray bottle with water and no more than 1/3 cup of ammonia.  This cleaning hack comes complimentary of my mother.  I keep bottles of this mixture around my house everywhere!

13. The Soda Can!

When I lived in Montreal, it wasn’t all that uncommon for the Metro to be delayed for cleaning.  I used to watch teams of people load into the tunnels wearing hazzmat suits and carrying containers full of soda.  After learning more, I now know that soda can clean most of the toughest buildups and stains in no time at all.  For your car, the acid in sodas breaks down corrosion on battery terminals and exhaust pipes.  Pretty disturbing to think about in terms of your health, but for your car… if nothing else is working, the soda can!

14. I’m Floored!

Stick your floor mats in the dishwasher to clean away all the dirt and grime brought in from outside. I’m sort of “floored” that this works so well.  Check out the One Crazy House for more details.

15. Slink the Ink

Invest in an ink lifter to remove any ink, lipstick, or dye from leather features.  Serious stains require serious cleaners.

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