How To Host A Decade Party For New Year’s Eve

Isn’t it wild how it will be the end of a decade in just a couple short weeks? The New Year is quickly approaching and I can’t believe that 2020 is already here. This year, for your holiday New Year festivities, why not throw a decade party? A decade party is a great way to wrap up what everyone has done for the last ten years, or, you can just throw yourself into remembering your favorite decade. Check out some of the decade party ideas below!
New Years Eve is always fun, but when it comes at the end of a decade, it makes an easy theme for a New year's Eve party. Learn about what music you should play, great costume ideas, decorations, food and more. Say goodbye to the last ten years in one night with these New year's Eve Decade party ideas. For more info, keep reading. Hope you have a fun and safe new year. #decadepartyideas #NYEpartyideas

Decade Party Costume

First off, it’s important to set the decade for your party. Are you going to celebrate the 80s, 90s, 00s, or 2010s? It doesn’t matter what you choose, just make sure that you do!
Depending on the decade you are celebrating, you could go as a roller-skating girl (60s), a hippie (70s), or break out the flannel and scrunchies for a totally 90s look. You could even go dressed in your favorite trends of the 2010s. Mine would definitely be high-waisted pants.

Are you getting ready for your New Years Eve party? Why not throw a decade party? You can celebrate the last 10 years or your favorite decade!

Decade Party Decorations

60s-70s: Bright colors, psychedelic patterns, and even a few bubble lamps can really throw any space back and make it look great.
80s: Keep those bright colors coming and don’t forget the hairspray! You can’t go wrong with plenty of streamers and balloons. Don’t forget to put together a totally awesome soundtrack with your favorite tunes, too!
90s: Remember that as far as the 90s are concerned, grungier is better! I think a graffiti theme might be a cool touch for some decor. You could even cover some old plywood in graffiti and use that to make it look like you painted your walls. Pretty neat huh?
00s: When decorating for your 2000s themed party remember to give a subtle shout out all of the important pop culture of the decade. Remember Mean Girls? See if you can’t work that and other pop culture phenomena of the decade. Don’t forget the lettered balloons either! Those are a great way to spell out a welcoming message.
Do you have a favorite candy from a certain decade? Throw a decade party for New Years Eve and have your favorite candy there to help celebrate.

Decade Party Invitations 

No matter the decade you choose to celebrate with your friends, you can find the perfect invitations at Minted! They create custom invitations for every kind of party and they are all available at a pretty affordable price. Click this link for more information on Minted.

Decade Party Food

Depending on the decade your celebrating, you should have great options for food. You can’t go wrong in serving things like pizza, Nerds or Razzles (for an 80s themed bash), or even milkshakes and burgers for a classic idea that everyone will love.

Decade Party Music

Add classic tunes from groups like Nirvana (90s), The Beach Boys (60s), or even Queen. For the later decades, you’ll definitely need to add some Nelly, Katy Perry, and Shakira. The playlist is crucial to a great party!
Do you have a favorite decade? New Years eve is the perfect excuse to celebrate your favorite decade. Here are some of the best tips for throwing a decade party.

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