Christmas Paper Sack Gift Bag Ideas

I love picking out Christmas gifts for my friends and neighbors. My kiddos have recently picked up the love of gift-giving too and they like to put little bags together to give to their friends. But no matter what you decide to gift this Christmas, you have to make sure that you wrap it in something amazing. Guess what I use for mine? Paper sacks. And though that might not sound completely amazing, these DIY Christmas paper sack gift bag ideas will give you great ways to liven up your paper sack gift bags. Let’s get started.
Looking for a fun way to wrap your gifts instead of using gift wrap? If you like unusual ways to present your gifts you are in luck. We have some really adorable paper sack gift bag ideas that you can DIY. Make your gift extra special by wrapping it in something that is homemade. These are easy to make and create a feeling of warmth for your gift. Take a look at the many ideas. They make wrapping a breeze. #DIYgiftwrapideas #papersackgiftbagideas
Paper Sack Gift Bag For Kids
I usually let my kids use their imagination for these ones, especially if they’re making them for their friends. Have your kids draw on them, or create the darling little Rudolf gift bags below. To create, you’ll need two candy canes (for the antlers), a pom-pom (for the nose), and googly eyes to top things off. Have your kids use hot glue (supervised, of course!) to attach the items onto the gift bag to create an adorable little face. I love how simple and totally cute these are! 

If you're looking for a fun new gift bag idea, look no further. These amazing Christmas paper sack gift bag ideas are so cute and easy to make.

Paper Sack Gift Bag For Neighbors
Designing paper sack gift bags for your neighbors can be a little bit trickier. Because if you are like me, you’ll want to go with something a little classier. One of my favorite things to do is use washi tape to create Christmas trees on the face of the bag. Use variously-patterned pieces of washi tape and arrange them so that they create a tree. Top off the tree with a large pom pom, star, or ribbon.
Another cute idea is to print the sheet music to a classic Christmas song. Cut out the sheet so that it is just smaller than the face of your paper bag. Hot glue the sheet on, and finish things off with a sprig of greenery or pine needles hot glued in the center. You might not even need to go to the store for these paper sack gift bags! 
I have an idea for you for gift bags this Christmas. Why not try a paper sack gift bag? They are cheap, cute, and easy to make!
Paper Sack Gift Bag Decorating Ideas
There are so many ways to decorate a paper sack for Christmas. Below, you’ll find my favorites.
Paint small polka dots on the outside of your bag for a cute look that can be reused all year long. Tie the bag off with a large red ribbon for a touch of much-needed Christmas appeal.
Cut out paper snowflakes and use them as a stencil. Paint around the snowflakes to create a fun stenciled effect on your bags.

I know it might sound crazy, but for Christmas this year, try a paper sack gift bag. They are easy to decorate however you want and they are easy to make.

Dress up a plain paper bag by folding over the top edge, and tying that down with a piece of thick ribbon. This blogger has more information on how to create it by yourself here. You could even fold over the top edge, secure it with a sticker, and then add a clothespin for a decorative touch.

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