How To Make Homework Fun For Your Kids

Now that school is fully back in session, my kids are huddled around the dinner table a few nights a week working on their homework. Don’t let me fool you though, it’s not like they do so willingly. Getting them to do their homework requires a little creativity and occasional threat! But who can blame them? It isn’t fun…even for the parents involved in the whole event. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways that you can make homework a little bit more enjoyable for your kids. Here’s how!

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Small Motivators
Now, I’m not telling you to bribe your kids with candies and treats, but having a small sticker book or some other reward system can be extremely motivating. For example, my youngest gets a sticker on his “sticker sheet” every time he finishes his homework without complaining. As soon as he has enough stickers, he can cash that in for extra screen time, a new book at the grocery store, or another little prize.
Stick To A Routine
If you’re tired of fighting with your kids over homework in the evenings, the problem might be remedied with the simple incorporation of a schedule. Schedule a certain time of the day that is only “homework time.” Creating a routine gives your kids the ability to expect what’s next, and that will really help with any meltdowns.
homework | how to | how to make homework fun | homework ideas | parenting | parenting tips
Write It Down For Them
I know, you might feel like you are doing the work for them! But think of it this way, your kids have been writing their own papers all day long. Take a break for the normal routine and write down their homework for them. They’ll tell you the answers…you just write it down! Of course, I only recommend using this as an occasional motivator…
Homework Play Dates
Make homework a little more fun by having your kids invite their friends over for a study session! It’s always more fun to work in groups. However, this might not be the best solution for easily-distracted kiddos! Make sure you know how your kid will react to a situation like this before expecting it to go smoothly.
Eat A Snack Beforehand
Let’s face it…it’s tricky to get anything done if you’re hungry and tired! Before starting on homework for the day, make sure your kiddos are ready to go with a healthy snack. Check out a few of my favorite snacks here.
homework | how to | how to make homework fun | homework ideas | parenting | parenting tips

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