How to “Build” an Epic Construction Party


The Cake

Build an epic cake that screams “Construction Crew!”

Home Depot

You can get a number of Home Depot supplies (often for free) that add to the decor of your party.

The Sand Pit

Make your own activity station equipped with an epic sand pit and all sorts of diggers.


Utilize old work zone construction equipment for your party decor.

Gift Bags

Instead of gift bags, send each kid home with his own crew hat.

Think Orange

Anything orange will add some color to your construction themed party.

Dirty Desserts

What better treat to supply than edible mud (or really cups of pudding and oreos!)

Caution Cookies

Customize your own party cookies with these caution sign shapes.

Play Games

Toss rings onto construction cones to find the winner!

Can you build it? YES YOU CAN. With these resources anyway…

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