Patch a Hollow Door


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Maybe the door flung open too quickly, or perhaps you got just a tad bit angry – one way or another, you’re looking to patch the hole you made is a seemingly unpatchable door. Hollow doors are difficult to patch but with the know-how, you can do it. First, gather up your supplies.

Start by sanding the door. You’ll need to cut away broken pieces and sand the surface smooth.

Clean off debris from sanding with a damp rag.

Once the surface is smooth, place patching tape over the hole.

Across the top of the patching tape, generously slather joint compound across the tape, covering the hole.

Use the same sanding block to smooth the surface of the joint compound once it has completely dried.

Paint the newly patched hole with paint that matches the door. Allow to dry completely.

Your patched hole may need several layers of paint to cover the joint compound. Continue apply coats and allow each coat to fully dry before adding another.

This site was one of my resources for this project:

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