Prep Your Furniture for Mod Podge–Easy!

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One easy way to turn a boring piece of furniture into a family heirloom is with mod podge! A dresser, end tables, head boards, and chairs are all great candidates for a good decoupage. Once you’ve chosen a piece of furniture to work on, you’ll start with the most important step – the prep work. Your prep work will determine the outcome of your project. Poor prep work can result in chipping and peeling of your mod podge.

Assuming your chosen piece of furniture is real wood, you can follow these instructions. For other materials, you’ll have to make adjustments to the tutorial.

Before mod podging, you’ll want to make any necessary repairs or alterations to the piece of furniture. This is when you’ll fill in cracks, sand down chips in the paint, and repaint the piece if that’s your plan.

If you’re leaving the furniture as-is, then clean the surface with warm soapy water. Then dry it completely! You can sand the surface but it isn’t necessary. That’s all!

If you’re changing the surface color before decoupaging, then you’ll have to prep and paint/stain the surface first. This involves sanding the surface to remove the existing surface color and to create a texture that paint can adhere to. Laytex paint doesn’t work well with decoupage. Try these materials instead:

Now you’ll paint or stain your surface and allow it to dry completely.

Once dry, you can clean the surface and begin mod podging!

That’s it! Decoupage is an easy way to resurface a piece of furniture for a total face lift. You can find a number of mod podge projects online. To get your creative juices flowing, take a look at the examples!

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