Get Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ribbon

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Hunt for fun and unique styles that you love.

Ribbon comes in many shapes and sizes. Instead of settling for what you have at home, really look around for something that speaks to your festive side! If you can’t decide, pick a few, preferrably from Michaels! 


Using ribbon with wire will make your job much easier.

Wired ribbon is much easier to manipulate and form. Ribbon without wire will get slouchy and droop.

Scale the size of your ribbon to the size of your tree.

If you have a huge tree, then wide ribbon will be a wise choice. But if your tree is small, then a wider ribbon might be too much for the tree.

Buy trendy ribbon and leave everything else classic.

Christmas tree decorations are expensive so picking classic colors and patterns helps soften any purchases each Christmas. But ribbon is a great way to incorporate current trends into your Christmas decor! It’s easy to purchase a new spool each year and won’t cost you a fortune.

Clip coupons for buying ribbon.

You can get great deals on ribbon if you find a Michael’s 50% off coupon. So you don’t have to pay full price for your favorites.

Think outside of the box!

Ribbon isn’t the only thing you can wrap around the tree. Try garlands, flags, ropes, tulle, feather boas, or anything you can wrap around the branches!

Find the right time to drape your ribbon.

The first thing on the tree is always the lights. But after that, it’s up to you. Wrapping the ribbon around the tree is often best mid way through putting the ornaments on. That way you can place if in between layers of decor.

Avoid perfect placement.

Aiming for perfect isn’t just difficult, it’s stressful. Have fun with your ribbon placement and remember it can always be tucked and trimmed.

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