Fast And Easy Kitchen Makeovers (On A Budget) 

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You probably spend just as much time (maybe more) in your kitchen as you do in your bedroom. Especially if you’re taking care of a family that demands to be fed three times a day (the nerve!) It makes sense that you’ve fantasized about upgrading the look, demolishing the cabinets, installing matching appliances, and what not. Sadly, it’s so expensive to do a complete remodel of a kitchen. But the fear of a pricey budget shouldn’t stop you from making all of your wildest domestic housewife dreams come true. There are plenty of ways to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank and with a little financial savviness, you too can give your kitchen a much desired facelift.

Transform Your Existing Cabinets

Before you start swinging a sledgehammer, consider all the ways you could transform the cabinets you already have. Maybe some should come off the walls. But what about the rest?

Paint Your Cabinets

It’s a tough project and definitely takes time and patience. But it’s durable and a heck of a lot cheaper than replacing cabinetry.

Reshape Your Cabinets

Chop out the center board of your cabinet doors and replace them with chicken wire.

Or add panels of wood to the edges to create a new face for the existing cabinet doors.

Add Texture To Your Cabinets

Have a cabinet shape you’re already happy with? Just looking for a way to change things up? Then find a wallpaper, tile sheet, or window film you like and resurface your cabinets instead of replacing them.

Replace Just The Cabinet Doors

You can leave the cabinets anchored to the wall and simply replace the doors. This is a great money saving tip.

Go Wild With Your Surfaces

Counter tops are pricey to replace. Especially if you were hoping for timeless materials like quartz or marble. But, there are some less expensive ways to either replace ugly old counter tops or at least cover them up.

Consider Faux Marble

This has to be about the cheapest route you can go to create the appearance of marble. It looks elegant, costs a fraction of the price, and is easy enough to take care of or replace later.

DIY Concrete Counter Tops

If you’re working with old laminate counter tops, then this tutorial is for you. Cover them up with something durable like concrete for a counter top that

suites any design scheme.

Chopping Block Counter Tops

Counter tops made out of wood may seem intimidating. Especially if you’re worried about kids (or spouses) who might not use a cutting board when they’re supposed to. But butcher block counter tops are actually fairly easy to take care of and they create a rustic look that will never be outdated.

Don’t Forget The Back Splash

For an instant change in the appearance of your kitchen, consider focusing your efforts on adding or replacing the backsplash. Tile work is easy to do your self so no need to hire help. And the right tiles, well they speak for themselves. Be brave, let loose, and choose something that really speaks to your cooking heart.

An Organic Shape

Every back splash you’ve ever seen was probably rectangular with sharp lines and 90 degree corners. But why!? Look at how beautiful your back splash can be when you think outside the box a tiny bit.

Something Recycled

As shown in the photo below, you can use just about anything for a back splash. Recycled street signs, maps, pennies, and even photographs are on the list of recycled materials used in modern back splashes.

Prints and Colors

Your back splash is a safe place to be bold.

Something Functional

This peg board back splash gives you more functional space in the kitchen while also creating a creative look that you won’t see at your neighbors house.

Though we might not all have the means to completely redo our kitchens and still have enough to pay the mortgage, there seems to always be some kind of project we can do here and there to give our home the look and feel we’re longing for. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box and aim for the project that makes the most sense.

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