10 Dazzling Ways to Decorate Your Porch for The 4th

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It’s that time of year again to prep for barbecues, fireworks, and family reunions!  I also feel like now is more important than ever to show your patriotism for our amazing country!  Here are 10 dazzling ways to decorate your porch for the 4th of July.

1. Red, White, and Blue

Put the focus of your porch on the red, white, and blue by using a variety of cushions, pillows, and rugs.  Continue the theme with patriotic bunting flags and red, white, or blue potted flowers.  The mini American flags in the jar are an excellent way to pull it all together!  I’ll take the little scottie dog too!  Source.

2. Star Spangled Banner

Let the Star Spangled Banner do all the talking for you on the porch this summer by displaying flag pillows on your porch chairs.  Less really is more sometimes!  However, I do love how they added just a touch more red by including the red potted flowers.  I’ve seen flag pillows at a few different craft and hobby stores this year as well as Target.  Read more here.

3. Light It Up

Add a little bit of patriotic light to your porch with these super cute mason jars.  These would look great on a small porch table or even in your porch windows.  Mason Jar Crafts Love explains how to make your own.

4. Pallets & Patriots

This pallet flag could not be more perfect!  It’s easy to make and inexpensive (or free if you already have the paint!).  Uncle Sam gives this porch display a vote of approval!

5. Stars, Stripes, and Polka Dots Too!

There is so much goodness going on here with this porch idea!  Do as much of this look or pick and choose what’s best for your.  I like how they included polka dots to throw a little variety into the traditional stars and stripes look for Independence Day.  Learn more about this look from Trees n Trends.

6. Flags & Banners

My home has an upper porch like this so this idea really speaks to me.  This is also another example of how less is more.  All they’ve done to pull off this dazzling patriotic porch is hang a few bunting flags, a regular flag, and a small flag banner above the door.  My only addition to this look would be to change the door wreath to something a bit more bold.  See the before and after photos on A Bowl Full of Lemons.

7. Frame It Out

Frame out your windows with long flags and buntings.  The pillows and other colorful decor pull it all together for a complete look.  Find the idea from Oriental Trading.

8. Americana

This dazzling porch is a shining example of quintessential Americana.  The rocking chair, flowers on the stairs, and railing banner really put an emphasis on what I picture as traditional small town American culture.  Great curb appeal!  Source.

9. Have A Seat

Add a patriotic bench to your porch for a dazzling 4th of July look.  The small flag on the back rest is what really makes the bench special.  Source.

10. DIY Firecrackers

Give a nod to the fun of fireworks in your porch display.  These super cute and easy DIY wooden firecrackers make for an explosion of patriotic flair.  More details here.

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