DIY Bird Feeders You Can Make In Under an Hour

Basking in the sun, fun vacations, parties, exciting Summer projects… there’s no doubt that I’m a Summer girl through and through!  I’ll hand it to Spring though,  It gives Summer a good run for its money.  One of my personal favorite parts about Spring is going on walks or bike rides around our lake.  We’re never disappointed to come across some truly amazing sights.  The birds here are particularly fun to watch.  They are everywhere!  And with so many birds around, one of my Summer goals this year is to make a bird feeder so we can get the best views from right here in our kitchen.  Here are some DIY bird feeders I’ve come across as I’ve been looking into building my own.

1.  Bowls and Fowls

Bring in the bowls for the fowls.  Use inexpensive plastic bowls and saucers to construct this covered bowl bird feeder.  The only other supplies you need are a large carriage bolt and washers and nuts (3 each)  Find the full DIY tutorial from Erin’s Creative.

2. Wooden Spoons and Loons

Okay, you probably won’t see any loons using this bird feeder, but with just a plastic bottle and a couple of wooden spoons, it could not be any easier!  All you’ll need to do is make a few holes for the spoons and hang the bottle filled with plenty of bird food inside.  Idea from DIY n Crafts.

3. As A Duck Takes to Water Tea

This DIY bird feeder is super cute and is as easy to make as a duck taking to water.  Use some super glue (E6000 ceramic glue is recommended) to fix a sideways tea cup to a saucer.  You can either buy premade ceramics or have fun painting your own. As You Wish Pottery gives instructions here.

4. Shape Up

Shape up with these super simple bird feeders!  Use cookie cutters, gelatin, and a few other basic supplies to mold bird seed into fun shapes.  What a fun summer day kids craft activity to do with your “Little Birds.”

5. A House Made of Sticks

It might not have worked for the Little Pigs, but just look at how perfect this house made of sticks is for the birds!  Using wood glue, stack some craft sticks in your own layout or design to create a sturdy little bird feeder.  Huffing and puffing won’t work on this stick house!

6. License to Tweet

Get your license to tweet with this license plate bird house.  It will require a bit of assembly, but nothing to get your feathers ruffled over.  Find the DIY tutorial Runner Duck.

7. Peeling Pretty Orange

Peeling in the mood for oranges? Get a second use out of them by recycling the peels to make a quick bird feeder.  Just hollow out half an orange peel, attach some string, and fill with bird food.  Flap over to She Knows for more information.

8. PB & R

Growing up, Mom always had us use peanut butter and pine cones to make our bird feeders.  Moorea Seal explains how to make a more rounded variation of Mom’s traditional acorn feeders.  Tie a ribbon into a peanut butter covered twig sphere and roll it around in bird seed.  Then just hang your PB & R (for “ribbon”, of course!) from a tree.

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