10 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make You Look Like A Cooking Genius


One great thing about cooking is that whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s always something new to learn.  Here are 10 kitchen hacks to help you become a cooking genius.

1. Guide to Flavoring With Spices

This printable spice guide from CookSmarts will really add some flavor to your life!  Never again wonder which spices to couple with certain foods… just refer to the chart!


2. Cheat Sheet to Common Cooking Terms

No… Julienne is not your brother’s new French girlfriend.  But this is the sort of mistake you can avoid making by studying this sheet to common cooking terms from StyleCaster.

3. Guide to Cooking Grains

Not all grains are created equal!  This quick-look guide for preparing grains from PopSugar sure does take the guess work out of the process though!

4. Mixer Guide

You mean that weird Kitchen Aid attachment that looks like Captain James’ crocodile-eaten hook actually has a purpose other than taking up shelf space?!  If you have similar thoughts, then use this guide from Buzzfeed as your sure fire mixer fixer.

5. Substitute Guide

How many times have you just returned from the grocery store only to realize that you once again forgot to buy an ingredient? Or, how about when you’re trying to host a family gathering but your in-laws have gluten sensitivities and you don’t know how to cook without gluten?  Your problems are solved with this comprehensive substitute guide.

6. Boiled Egg Time Chart

Don’t let your brains be scrambled any more when it comes to cooking a perfect boiled egg!  Greatist.com provides a simple chart to know how to cook up the right egg for your needs.

7. Conversion Charts

Don’t let yourself be confused with measurements and conversions any longer!  With these super cute conversion charts from JavaCupcake, you’re certain to make Julia Childs proud!

8. Ultimate Kitchen Cheat Sheet

“I’ve memorized all the metric conversions perfectly,” said no one ever!  Take the stress out of unit conversion with Everest’s incredibly useful Kitchen Cheat Sheet.

9. Guide to Stir-Frying

No need to go stir-crazy with this stir-fry guide!  Learn how to make delicious stir-fry at home with My Fitness Pal right here.

10. Grocery Storage

There’s nothing worse than going to your fridge to pull out that last necessary ingredient for your recipe only to find what appears to be a moon rock where once there was a block of cheese.  Take the frustration out of finding spoiled food (or random moon rocks) in your pantry with this grocery storage guide from Buzzfeed.


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