12 Craigslist Furniture Flips That Look Super Expensive

12 Craigslist Furniture Flips That Look Super Expensive| Furniture, Furniture Flips, DIY Furniture Flips, Craigslist DIYs, DIY Craigslist Hacks, Home Decor, Popular Pin #CraigslistDIYs #FurnitureFlips

1. Resurrected Work Space

Before – This sad desk had seen one-too-many study sessions.

After – It has been brought back from the dead!

2. Beautified Seating

Before – These bloggers had themselves a not-so-pretty-anymore head and foot board.

After – They have a bench to welcome guests to their beautiful home.

3. Outdated Turned Totally Relevant

Before – We all wondered how on earth this piece could be saved…

After – And our jaws hit the floor when we saw this…

4. Star Studded Dining Chairs

Before – The yellow and brown really made us cringe.

After – But you can’t even tell this was the same chair!

5. Shining China Hutch

Before – It looked like something you’d find at your grandmother’s house.

After – It looks like a pricey piece from Anthropology!

6. Good Day Sir!

Before – These end tables were very drab.

After – You have statement pieces for your entertaining space.

7. Polished And Repurposed

Before – This dresser was outdated and worn.

After – Reincarnated for the living room, the end table ads looks and functional space to your home!

8. Shutter Up!

Before – This dresser has been hiding in the garage too long.

After – Adding old shutters to the face turns it into a piece for public display!

9. Chicken Wire Heaven

Before – No one thought twice about this drawer-less dresser.

After – Now we all want one for our entry way.

10. Made You Look!

Before – What on earth could be done to spruce this piece up?

After – Who knew, it’s a file organizer too!

11. Double Take

Before – Yah, yah.. another painted dresser remake.

After – OH! For the bathroom vanity, you say?

12. Movin’ On Up

Before – This was a staple piece in her teen son’s bedroom.

After – It’s only fitting it be moved into mom’s room!


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