How to Cook Corn on The Cob The Right Way


One of my favorite ways to welcome summer is by whipping up corn on the cob. It makes a great dinner side dish and it’s so easy to make when you’re a little short on time. My grandma taught me how to cook corn on the cob when I was 7 or 8, and it’s been a specialty of mine for years. Everyone has been asking for my recipe for years!

Now, I’m not entirely sure if this is the right way to cook corn on the cob, but it’s my “right” way. Get ready to sit back, relax, and say “hello!” to summer with the satisfying crunch of homemade corn on the cob. Here’s how to cook corn on the cob!

Note: This recipe is for cooked (boiled) corn on the cob, not grilled! 


-Corn on the cob


-butter or margarine

-salt/pepper (for taste)

Step One: Fill a large pot with enough water for the corn on the cob to be completely submerged. Making sure the corn is completely submerged is key here! If it doesn’t float, you need more water!

Step Two: You know your oven best, so boil the water at any temperature that you would like. As soon as the water has begun boiling, toss in the corn on the cob. Boil the corn covered for 10-15 minutes (I cook it at 12 for the perfect amount of crunchiness!).

Step Three: Use a colander to drain the water from the pot. Make sure that you take care, splashing water is extremely hot and so is the corn that you’ve just cooked! Use tongs to place the corn on a plate.

Step Four (Optional): Prepare your corn for the table (and for your stomach!) with butter and a seasoning of your choice. Salt and pepper is the perfect seasoning for some, but I like to spice mine up with cayenne pepper, garlic flakes, or even chili powder! The options are endless when it comes to flavorings, so test them out whenever you can!

Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Enjoy your cooked corn on the cob with a few of these other delicious, summer recipes from Cut Side Down. 

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