DIY Nail Polished Swirl Coffee Mugs


Bring a marbled or water-colored look to plain old coffee mugs to create your own matching sets. It’s really easy to great nail polished coffee mugs! Just use my guide!

Gather your supplies

Warm water
Disposable plastic container for mug dipping
Nail polish colors
white mugs

Drop Your Colors

Slowly add droplets of nail polish color to the surface of the warm water in your container.

Create Your Design

Using your toothpick, swirls the colors together for a marbled look.

Time To Dip

Slowly dip your mug into the color wash resting on the surface of the warm water. Do you dip your mug completely into the container. If it touched the bottom or sides, it will mess up your final print.

All done!

Allow the mug to dry completely before using. Aren’t these nail polished coffe mugs seriously great?

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