9 Frighteningly Easy Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen for Halloween



Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner?!  Didn’t Summer Break just start?  Time just keeps on flying and it seems to be moving faster and faster every year.  All the more reason then to start planning for Fall decor now.  Otherwise Halloween will be here and gone and we’ll be on to Valentine’s Day.  One area of my house that always feels a bit bare when it comes to holiday decorating is the kitchen.  I’ve always focused on the mantle or entry or porch, but haven’t given much thought to the kitchen.  I find this funny considering that in a house with 3 boys, we spend most of our time in the kitchen and yet I tend to ignore it when it comes to decorating.  But not this year!  I’ve done some digging and have found some cute ideas.  Here are 9 frighteningly easy ways to decorate your kitchen for Halloween.

1. Haunting Hutch

Combine your favorite china, decor, and accessories on a kitchen hutch or cabinet.  I love finding creative dishes and serve ware from stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Pottery Barn.  Lanterns and decorative quotes are also easy to find at the same and similar stores.  Image source.


2. Terror-ific Table!

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday.  At least not the gory, bloody side to it.  I prefer to focus on the harvest, and what better way to welcome the harvest than with a Fall feast?  Make your table the center of attention in your kitchen with a festive display of Halloween-themed table ware and decor.  Image source.


3. Wicked Words

Display a message or word using white painted pumpkins.  Gold lettering would be really pretty on the pumpkins as well!  Source.


4. Gruesome Glass Jars

Fill apothecary jars with pumpkins, gourds, or other holiday decor.  I like how they’ve filled some jars with one color of pumpkin only and other jars with a combination of pumpkin colors.  Find more info here.


5. Bone Chilling Bats

Hang out in the kitchen with some batty friends this Halloween.  Print and cut out the batty template from Martha Stewart to create your own bat cave.  Image source.


6. Autumn Simplicity

Keep your Halloween kitchen display spook-free and simple with some pretty fall decor.  Lanterns, fall foliage, and pumpkins are a great combination.  Best part of all?  You can keep this display out through November as well!  Source.


7. Witch-ful Thinking

Call in the witches as you make your own brews and stews in the kitchen this Halloween.  Display spell books and other witchy-inspired decor on shelves and counters.  I especially love the chalkboard message and art!  Source.


8. Terrifying Towels

Another way to keep your Halloween kitchen display simple yet festive is with holiday-inspired towels.  Such an easy way to add a pop of color and fun!  Image source.


9. Fearsome Frames

Hang some fearsome picture frames around your kitchen to add some Halloween delight!  Scare up these 12 free printables from Little Gold Pixel.


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