12 Days Of (Christian) Christmas Ideas

I love the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s a fun way to get your kiddos excited for the holiday season, and it’s a great way to make the magic of the holiday season really stretch. However, it can be hard to come up with your own 12 Days of Christmas ideas, especially if you want to celebrate at work! Fortunately, I scoured the internet for the best 12 Days of Christmas ideas. Here’s what they are:

12 Days Of (Christian) Christmas Ideas

The 12 Days of Christmas is always so much fun. For a different twist to the holiday tradition, why not make it the twelve Christian Days of Christmas. Take Christmas to a new spiritual level with these ideas for kids and families. #Christmastradition #12daysofChristmas

12 Days of Christmas Work
If this doesn’t get your grumpy coworker in the mood for the holidays, I am really not sure what will.
 One: Bring a favorite drink (coffee, soda, etc) to your coworkers
Two: Pair of gloves (find these in the dollar section at Target)
 Three: Packs of sticky notes for the coming year (in cute patterns)
 Four: A pack of food items that come in fours (jelly, popcorn tins, etc)
 Five: $5 gift card to the local convenience store
Six: Six-pack of candy (I like Reese’s, but you can alter them to your coworkers)
 Seven: Seven lottery tickets
 Eight: 8-ounce holiday soap from Bath and Body (these are usually $2 around the holidays)
 Nine: 9-ounce coffee or hot chocolate 
Ten: Ten pens (that way you don’t all have to fight over the good ones)
 Eleven: Eleven of anything
12: Desk calendar for the coming year.
It can be hard to come up with fun ideas for the family to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. These 12 days of Christmas ideas will be loved by all.
12 Days Of Christmas: Families
It’s a little easier when you can plan it for your own family! These are great 12 days of Christmas activities for kids and families. You’ll build the best memories!
 One: Watch a favorite Christmas movie together.
Two: Read a favorite Christmas book before bed. 
 Three: Bake treats for your neighbors as a family
 Four: Deliver the treats you made yesterday to your neighbors.
Five: Tonight, pick a board game to play as a family. Make sure you have festive treats to snack on.
Six: Today, do an act of service as a family. 
 Seven: Play your favorite holiday music.
 Eight: Make your own Christmas ornaments with this tutorial. 
 Nine: Read a bible passage (if you are religious) or something similar every day.
 Ten: Have a gingerbread building contest.
 Eleven: Go caroling.
 Twelve: Head out and check out a Christmas light show that is happening nearby.
Every year we struggle with coming up with fun things to do for the 12 days of Christmas. These 12 days of Christmas ideas are so fun and easy to do.
12 Days of Christmas: Teachers
Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas by gifting your children’s teacher these great items.
One: A bottle of wine (all of my teacher friends would LOVE this)
 Two: Instant coffee mix (or Keurig cups)
 Three: Favorite snacks or treats
Four: Room sprays or aromatherapy mix (it gets stinky after recess!)
 Five: Energy drinks (being a teacher can get tiring!)
 Six: A stress ball (you know they’ll need it)
 Seven: A small bottle of ibuprofen
 Eight: A coupon for a massage (a bit expensive, but they’ll love you for it!)
 Nine: A pair of headphones
 Ten: Starbucks gift card.
Eleven: Eleven pieces of their favorite candy
 Twelve: Twelve notes of encouragement (to keep them motivated when the going gets tough)
Are you looking for fun 12 days of Christmas ideas? I've put together the best list of things to do for the 12 days of Christmas. Give them a try!

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