Cucumbers Have Your Number For Many Things

More than just a casually discarded aspect of any house salad, cucumbers can be used for a variety of things throughout the home. Seriously! In fact, there are many benefits of cucumbers, from cleaning to beauty and home DIY, there’s nothing a cucumber can’t do. Need proof? Just take a look at them in my list below for tons of uses and benefits of cucumbers.

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Cucumbers Take Care Of Garden Pests

Garden pests like slugs and grubs are the worst. But even worse are the harsh chemicals sometimes used to treat these pests. For a greener method, slice up some fresh cucumber and place in a disposable pie tin. Place these around your garden to deter pests. Somehow, the chemicals in the cucumbers mix with the metal in the pie plate to give off a horrible smell! It’s undetectable to humans, but garden pests can’t stand it.

A Hangover Cure

Had one too many while out on the town? Prevent a hangover tomorrow by eating a few slices of cucumbers before you head off to bed for the night. Cucumbers have tons of nutrients and electrolytes to reset your system. Bonus points if you had your cucumbers pre-sliced and ready to go so you can go straight to bed. Don’t forget to drink a whole glass of water…because why not?

Alternative to Shoe Polish

Rushing off to an important business meeting, date, or evening out with the girls? Take a look at your shoes? Could they use a shine? Rub a freshly cut cucumber all over your shoes. The cucumber actively works to shine your shoes while repelling water away. Win-win, I’ll never buy store-bought shoe polish again!

At-Home Spa

Spa treatments like facials and massages are pricey and often require a hefty time commitment. But never mind, it’s possible to still relax and enjoy yourself at home. Create a spa-like atmosphere by boiling a freshly sliced cucumber in a pot of boiling water. The scent released will fill your home and relax you instantly. Alternatively, you can create your own at-home face mask and slice up fresh cucumber to place over your eyes.

cucumbers | life tricks | life hacks | life tips and tricks | life tips | tips and tricks | benefits of cucumbers

Get Your Daily Nutrients

It can be tough to eat enough fruits and veggies to get our necessary nutrients every day. Fortunately, cucumbers contain almost all of the nutrients you need every day. Cucumbers contain┬áVitamin B1, Folic Acid, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Phosphorus, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc. It doesn’t matter how you eat it, just as long as you do!

Clean Stainless Steel

Looking for a streak-free way to clean stainless steel? Isn’t everyone? Clean stainless steel chemical free with sliced cucumbers. Rub the cucumber directly on the area needs cleaning and watch as years of build up is removed. You’ll never go back to traditional cleaning products.

An Emergency Eraser

I swear every kid colors on the wall at least once. Save your sanity (and the paint job in your hallway) by rubbing slices of cucumbers to areas affected by markers. It’ll work for crayons, too!

Fix Squeaky Hinges

Put down the WD-40, and fix them naturally, instead! Rub a sliced cucumber on whatever squeak is causing the problem.

cucumbers | life tricks | life hacks | life tips and tricks | life tips | tips and tricks | benefits of cucumbers

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