Positive Things You Should Say To Yourself Everyday

Positive Things You Should Say To Yourself Every Day: I’m all for total life happiness. And who isn’t? Being happy is absolutely something that we should all work hard to strive for. I made it my goal to be happier this year, and I’m working hard to do so by consistently exercising, writing in my gratitude journal, and helping to spread general positivity around my household. However, before I can make my home more positive, I had to make myself more positive! I did so by saying one of these positive things (instead of negative ones!) to myself every day. It’s so helpful when you’re feeling stressed!

“I Am Talented”

I know, we’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced a day in our lives where we felt like the least talented or capable people. These days are rougher than most, because they seem to make us question everything we know about ourselves. When you’re struggling with work, remember to tell yourself that you are talented and you are skilled. Remind yourself of all your successes, rather than harping on the failures. And just remember, everyone feels exactly like you do time and time again.
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“Today Is A Good Day”

Sometimes, I have the bad habit of deciding my day is going to be bad before it’s even began. I’ll do this if there’s a doctors appointment or a work meeting I am dreading. Instead of starting your day off with negative connotations of the day to come, remind yourself that today will be a good day, regardless of that work meeting that will really only take up a small portion of your day! Starting the day off with a positive saying just like this is a great way to make sure your day goes well.

“I Don’t Know Everything”

Let’s face it. None of us do. And instead of pretending to know about the things you don’t (and thusly, making yourself look kind of stupid…) be open and forthcoming with your knowledge level. Remind yourself that it is okay that you don’t know everything. None of us do, and this why you have coworkers and friends to help you.
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“The Show Goes On”

When something goes wrong, either at home or at work, it can be tempting to wallow in our sorrows. Instead of letting the little things get to you, remind yourself that the show does indeed go on, and this too shall pass. I find myself uttering these words inside my head at least 5 times daily, and sometimes, that little bit of positivity is exactly what I needed to get through my moment.

“I Accept The Things I Cannot Change”

Many of us spend tons of time obsessing over things we have no control of, at least, I know that I do anyway. Instead of obsessing over the things that we have no way of changing (and in turn, driving ourselves absolutely mad with regret) remind yourself that you accept the things you cannot change. I mean, after all, why stress over something twice?
positive | positivity | positive vibes | positive habits | positive people | positive life

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