Snapchat Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of.

I’m not like a regular Mom…I’m a cool Mom. Which is exactly why I was eager to hop on the Snapchat bandwagon as soon as my kiddos expressed an interest. It really had nothing to do with me being a cool Mom, and it had more to do with me wanting to keep an eye on my kids! I’ve been using the social media service for about a year, and I am being taught a new Snapchat hack pretty much every day. I didn’t even know some of these hacks were actually possible! Would you like to learn some of these clever Snapchat hacks? Keep reading to learn a few of them!

Turn on Your Phones Zoom Feature to Draw In Subtle Detail

You’ll have to go to settings>general>accessibility>vision>zoom ‘on’ to activate the maximum zoom level. When activated, you can use the zoom feature to tap and add touches of color to background items. Your snaps will look like a work of art, now!

Three Filters Can Be Applied on a Single Snap

Really. Three. Imagine how great three filters could make your¬†morning bedhead look? It’s a bit of a multi-step process, but I outline that process in these steps:

1. Take an in-app photo

2. Swipe to the filter screen, and choose your first one.

3. Once you’ve secured the first filter, use your free thumb to click and hold the second.

4. When your second filter is chosen, lift your phone briefly off the screen and tap down again. This should make all three of your filters visible. If you don’t like your color combo, swipe right three times to clear your changes.

Change the Colors of Your Messages

This is my favorite SnapChat hack because it allows you to add such personality to EVERY aspect of your snaps! To change your text colorings, do the following:

1. Select the T icon to get the largest text size they have available.

2. Select a starting color from the palette.

3. Tap the words you want to change, and hit ‘select.’ This will highlight any word or phrase.

4. You can move the highlight feature around, and you can change any color of the letter if it’s highlighted!

When Viewing “Discoverable” Content, Tap and Share With Friends

If you find a funny video on the “discover” tab of SnapChat, it’s super easy to save and share it with a friend! Simply tap and hold to save the snap as a draft. You can then add whatever you’d like to it, and send it to whoever you’d like!

Photoshop Your Photo

We all need a little photoshopping from time to time! If you’d like to completely change the color of an element on your SnapChat, you can do so with the “tint” brush. All you have to do is take a regular snap, tap the scissor icon, followed by the paintbrush icon, and choose your desired color. You’ll have to outline the area that you would like changed to make it seamless, but once you’ve done so, you can make boring flowers look totally fabulous!

Change the Backdrop of Your Snap

Alter the background of your snaps by following this easy procedure:

1. Capture a regular snap

2. Tap the scissors, and then tap the icon with the diagonal box.

3. Outline the object you want to stand in front of the backdrop.

4. Select the desired backdrop using the menu on the right.

5. Once complete, tap the scissors icon, and return to editing the rest of your photo.

Edit Phone Videos on SnapChat

You can upload existing photos and videos from your phone and edit them like you would a normal snap! Just follow these directions to learn how:

1. Open SnapChat, under your username (duh)

2. Select the image icon, and choose the photo or video you want to work with from your library.

3. Edit your photo or video like you would a regular snap.

4. You can send this to your friends on SnapChat, or you can save the edited version back to your phone.

Give Your Snap Sound

To play music while you’re snapping, just make sure your desired song is playing in the background! Have someone hit the “play” button, right as you start recording for the best homemade music video, ever.


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