Pass the Popcorn — Best Family Movies

I didn’t always grow up enjoying movies. In fact, it wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I was actually able to sit down, relax, and enjoy a movie. My kiddos have loved movies from the get-go, and have been known to hang out on the couch all day watching every Disney movie ever made. If your kids love movies as much as mine do, it’s time to pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy these family movies. As a family!

The Goonies

This was a classic when my younger siblings were growing up, and it’s easily one of my very favorite movies. Join Chunk, Mikey, Mouth, and Data as they go searching for the hidden treasure of One-Eyed Willie. Watch out for booby traps…

The Land Before Time

Perfect for kids of all ages, this animated classic is definitely a family favorite of ours. This team of orphaned dinosaurs (heartbreaking, I know) goes on an epic journey to find their families again. And it’s just so cute.


I’ve only seen this one in passing, as my neighbor’s daughter was watching it while I was visiting one day, but I hear that it’s incredible! Set it old Paris, this mystery is one that kids are sure to love!

Stand By Me

This is probably a movie for older kids…since you know, they *SPOILER ALERT* find a dead body. But nothing beats this classic. This has been a favorite movie of mine since I was a child, and I still watch it regularly. No, I won’t, be afraid!


What’s a movie list without a feature of the classic “Aladdin?”


This movie surprised me because it started off animated, and it certainly didn’t end that way! This fairytale was set in New York City, and has all of the makings to become a Disney classic. Or is it aready?

Finding Nemo

I was a nanny for the longest time growing up, even in my twenties, and I saw this movie so many times that I could probably recite the entire thing to you. No matter, who doesn’t love a story of two fish going to find a lost family member and the grand adventure they have along the way?

Harry Potter

Yep. All eight of them. You knew this would be on the list! The Sorcerer’s Stone is probably the most age-appropriate for your young kid, but these movies do grow with your kids. When my kids were growing up, we read one book and watched one movie per year, until we completed the series. That way, my kids grew with Harry!

The Princess Bride

Another movie that has themes more appropriate for older children, but a classic nevertheless. This story follows the unlikely love store of a farm girl (Buttercup) and her true love (Wesley). They’ll have to go through quite a bit to be with one another, but you’ll love the adventure along the way!


It’s time to call your kids around the television and pretend you haven’t seen it for the thousandth time. I’m convinced that as far as little kids are concerned, this movie is always a great idea. I guess I’ll just “let it gooooooo?”

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