How to Reuse Hangers

Ever wonder how to reuse hangers? If you just cleaned out your closet, or maybe bought too many while they were on sale at Target, you probabaly have tons of extra hangers! Perhaps there is no way you could ever put all of your hangers to good use, if so, try one of these old hangers DIY projects! There is a ton to do with old hangers, and you’ll love these fast and easy projects.

Cut the bottom off of a plastic hanger and use them to hang and store your sandals. Hook your sandals on the shoulder pieces of the hangers!

Use an old metal hanger to store and organize your washi tape or craft ribbon on the bottom. Hang this where ever is most convenient for you!

Of course, if you need a few no slip hangers but you aren’t thrilled about the extra expense, make some yourself! Use a line of hot glue on the shoulders for a no slip hanger that actually works.

My kids have about a thousand of these unsightly pants hangers. While I would like to destory them all, I do recognize that they have a few great uses! One of them is to display your recipes while you cook!

Yet another use for those dreadful pant hangers! Use several different hangers strung together for a hanging picture frame. I love how rustic this piece looks. Kind of farmhouse chic, isn’t it?

Keep your reading materials stored where you need them most with a hanger! Hang it from a knob in your bathroom for quick access whenever you need it most.

These look like they’d be perfect for Halloween, but with a different coat of paint they could be perfect for any holiday! Use cut wire hangers to hang the lanterns wherever you’d like.

Every child needs a set of angel wings in their dress up arsenal. Wire hangers make great “bones” for this project.

Use metal hangers to create a kind of trellis that supports all kinds of garden growth in your backyard. Make sure you trim the ends so you aren’t stabbed!

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