8 Things to Do With Old Candle Jars


Don’t just toss out your old candle jars! Clean them out and put them to good use instead! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some of the best candle jar crafts, this is what I came up with!

Also known as an “I’m bored” jar. Give your kiddos something to do by having them pick out a job from the jar.

If you have lids that will fit on your old candle jars, etch them with a tutorial from Martha Stewart. Once etched, use them to store and organize your pantry necessities.

Bathroom countertops are messy enough as it is! Your old candle jars get a second life when used to store cotton balls and other like items in the bathroom.

Cover your candle jars in twine and turn them into a fabulous centerpiece. You can use mason jars for more of a uniformed look if desired!

If you have a larger candle jar available for use, try storing items from your vacations inside the jars! Label each jar with where your items came from!

A little bit of paint can turn even the most dull jars into a fantastic storage piece!

A large mason jar makes a great alternative to a fish bowl! Decorate with stickers and an accent ribbon.

Don’t all kids collect bugs from time to time? Or at least the occasional lady bug! Give insects a safe (ish) home when in the hands of kids. Blades of grass are not included 😉

I found my candle jar crafts here:

Job Jar/ Martha Stewart

Etched Kitchen Jars from Martha Stewart

Bathroom Storage from By Stephanie Lynn

Twine Wrapped Mason Jars from I Love to Create

Vacation Memory Jar from Martha Stewart

Painted JArs from Kootut Murut

DIY Fishbowl from Country Living 

Bug Craft from Oriental Trading

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