Remove ANY Label from ANY Glass Jar



We see so many attractive DIY projects involving jars. You’ll think “Sure! I can do that! I know where I can get those jars!” but then you realize how HUGE a pain it is to remove the labels on glass jars. Well we will show you exactly what to do so you can keep creating your favorite pins.

First: Plop how ever many jars you can fit into a pot of water. Add a little dish soap and bring the water to a boil.

Second: Allow the jars to sit in the boiling water until you notice the labels start to fall off on their own.

Third: Oh, you thought you were done? No way! Now to get all the glue residue off the glass..

Not all jars will be glue-free once they’ve been boiled. If you have glue remnants on your glass jars, rub the glue with baking powder to remove the remaining glue bits.

That’s it! If you amass enough jars, you can make all sorts of projects including:

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