Do It Yourself Games for Valentines Day

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Lovers Jenga

Materials Needed:

Stackable blocks (like a set of blank Jenga blocks)


Paint Brushes


Making The Game

1. Write questions, demands, dares, or declarations on each block.
2. Paint your blocks different valentines colors according to whether the block has a dare, demand, declaration, etc. Allow them to dry fully.

Playing The Game

Each time someone successfully pulls a block from the tower, they must read out loud whatever is written on the block (and perform the dare if applicable).

Battle Of The Sexes

Materials Needed:

A scoreboard


2 Jars

Girl Questions

Boy Questions

Making The Game

1. Print the printable score board and other printables required for this game here.
2. Assemble the printables and make your jars!

Playing The Game

Round by round, take turns asking questions to the opposite side of the partnership. Keep score on your score boards and treat the winners! For a full set of directions, visit the link below in the resources.

Truth Or Dare

Materials Needed:

Playing Cards

Paper Cutter or Scissors

Making The Game

1. For a download of the printable playing cards, visit this link.
2. Print the cards double sided (not required, but recommended).
3. Cut the cards apart with scissors or a paper cutter.

Playing The Game

One player goes first. They draw a card from the deck. Then they ask their partner “Truth or Dare?” The other player picks either truth or dare. The player who chose the card reads the second players choice out loud to them. The second player has to either answer the question or perform the dare.

These ideas were first featured on the following blogs and websites:

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