10 Delicious Irish Recipes for St. Pattys Day Celebrations

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1. Shamrock Shakes

Make these tasty treats with half the calories found in the stuff you can buy at McDonalds.

2. Crispy Smashers

Nothing celebrates Irish heritage more accurately than ‘potatoes’!

3. Corned Beef Hash

Make this tasty hash for dinner or serve it up at breakfast time.

4. Crock Pot Guinness Corned Beef and Cabbage

This Irish classic gets a kick in the pants with a beer bath.

5. Beer Brined Corned Beef Sliders

These delightful Irish sliders come stacked with a delicious pickled cabbage slaw.

6. Tiny Shepherds Pies

This yummy Irish comfort food is a great way to warm bellies this March.

7. Turkey Sausage Irish Pasties

Because hand pies packed with meat are the quickest way to any Leprechaun’s heart.

8. Corned Beef Dip

Grab your rye bread, or even the sour dough! This dip encompasses all the flavors of St. Patrick’s Day.

9. Green Beer Cheese Soup

Top this tasty cheddar and broccoli soup with homemade pesto croutons.

10. Leprechaun Popcorn

After the corned beef and cabbage has been devoured, treat your tummies to this sweet mix.












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