10 Items You Can’t NOT Purchase at the Dollar Store

10 Items You Can’t NOT Purchase at the Dollar Store| Dollar Store, Dollar Store DIYs, Dollar Store Crafts, Craft Supplies, Easy Dollar Store Projects, Cheap DIY Projects, Popular Pin #DollarStore #DIYDollarStore

1. Poster Board

At the Dollar Store, you can find poster board for $0.50 a piece. Any other store will be at least $1.20 a sheet.

2. Picture Frames

Never again buy a $15 4×6 frame from the store. Go straight to the Dollar Store to find your frames. Then take them home and spray paint them to match the frames in your home.

3. Mason Jars

Mason jars at Walmart come is large packs of 12+. If you’re only in need of a few jars, pick them up at the Dollar Store instead.

4. Storage Containers

Organize kids toys with storage bins from the Dollar Store. You’ll find matching plastic bins for $1 a piece instead of $7-$8 dollars each at another store.

5. Fake Flowers

The Dollar Store has a great selection of fake flowers that are much cheaper than what they sell at Michael’s and Joann’s.

6. Glass Beads

The Dollar Store sells tons of glass beads! The cheap beauties are great for flower arrangements and more.

7. Children’s Puzzles

Spend $1 on the puzzles. Your kids are going to lose the pieces anyway – Am I right!?

8. Candle Holders

The Dollar Store sells candle holders. They also sell glass wear, like wine glasses that work for excellent candle holders and table center pieces!

9. Gift Bags

Find all sorts of generic gift bags at the Dollar Store. When you’re handing out the goodies, you’ll be glad you didn’t spend a fortune on the packaging.

10. Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are hard to come by at many stores without expecting to spend a few bucks per cutter. At the Dollar Store, you can snag traditional shapes and sizes for $1 each.

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