8 Ways to Make Your Produce Last WAY Longer

8 Ways to Make Your Produce Last WAY Longer| Produce, Produce Preservation, Groceries, Grocery Shopping, Produce Care, Popular Pin #ProduceCare #GroceryShopping

1. Buy Local Produce

Local produce goes from the ground to the grocery store. There is no freezing, no shipping, and less time spent ripening between the farm and your table.

2. Plan Your Meals

So often your produce goes bad because you bought items without a plan to use them. Then they’re forgotten in the back on the drawer until they start to stink.

3. Store Produce ASAP

Bring your produce home from the store (not after a few more errands) and place directly in their appropriate storage place. If you leave them in a warm car for even an hour, you’re shortening the lifespan of your fruits and vegetables.

4. Prep Your Veggies

If you veggies come on a stalk, get rid of it before storing them in the fridge. Beets, celery, and other stalky and leafy vegetables will spoil faster with the leaves and stalks still on.

5. Avoid Freezing Produce

No, not the freezer. We’re talking about that cold spot in your refrigerator where anything in its place inevitably freezes. Keep your produce away from there.

6. Cold Shock Your Lettuce

If your lettuce has begun to wilt and wither, trim up the lettuce and shock the leaves with a cold bath of water. Fill the sink with super cold water and let your lettuce soak for 10-20 minutes. Then pat dry with a paper towel and you’ll have crisp lettuce again.

7. Shun Rotten Produce

The second something starts to go bad in your fridge, bacteria spreads. This can spoil other produce faster than normal. So chuck anything in the garbage the instant it starts to spoil.

8. Segregate Your Produce

When it comes to refrigerators, keeping your fruits and veggies away from each other is a good idea. Fruits let off ethylene, a type of gas, as they ripen. This can cause surrounding produce to ripen faster as well.

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