12 Tips That Will Make You A Better Ironer

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1. Get Rid Of Iron Scorch Marks

White vinegar can get rid of a scorch mark. Use a clean rag and dip it into white vinegar. Wipe the scorch mark with the rag, but only once. Then, dip another section of the rag in vinegar and wipe the scorch mark again. Always use a clean section of the rag to avoid spreading the scorch mark around.

2. Do It The Right Way

You can’t just iron willy-nilly. There’s a proven method for ironing that if your mother hasn’t taught to you, you can learn in this youtube video.

3. Use Starch Appropriately

Spray starch 8-10 inches away from the fabric. Use basic Faultless Premium on shirts and a heavy starch on the collar and wrist cuff.

4. Don’t Use Tap Water

Depending on where you live, tap water can have minerals in it that will corrode your iron and leave residue on your clothing. Buy a gallon of distilled water from the grocery store to keep on hand for ironing.

5. Use A Heat Setting Suitable To Your Fabric

Many fabrics will melt if you press them with an iron thats too hot.

6. Make Your Own Distilled Water

If you’re in a pinch and can’t grab distilled water from the store, boil a pot of water instead. Once the water has cooled enough to handle, fill the iron.

7. Bobby Pins Might Come In Handy

Ironing pleats can be a real pain in the butt. Use a bobby pin to hold your pleat in place while you iron.

8. Adjust The Ironing Board

Iron is easiest when the board sits level with your pants button.

9. When Ironing Items That Are 100% Cotton…

It’s best to iron 100% cotton while it is still a bit damp. It’s much easier than ironing out a fully dried cotton crease.

10. Maintain Your Iron

Your iron is another one of those grown up items that needs regular attention. If you neglect to clean your iron, you’ll start finding spots on your clothing as your iron them.

11. Ironing Inside Out

Flip denim and other casual pants inside out to iron them. This will prevent creases around the pocket lining.

12. Make Your Own Starch

Though the store bought starch is amazing, you can make your own in a bind. Combine 1 tablespoon cornstarch with 2 cups water, slowly adding the cornstarch to the water while stirring. Once the starch is completely dissolved, put it in a spray bottle and you’re set!

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