10 St Patricks Day Crafts that Will Make You FEEL Lucky

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Shamrock Slime

Because what kid doesn’t love green goo?

Leprechaun Photo Booth

Instead of looking for leprechauns, turn yourself into one!

Four-Leafed Bouquet

Make tiny four-leafed clovers to share with friends and family for good luck.

St. Paddy’s Cupcakes

Who knew you could fit a rainbow, clouds, and a pot of gold on top of a tiny cake?

Gold Doubloons

Use edible spray paint to make St. Paddy’s Day gold.

Reuben Dip

You cannot fail with this Irish classic.

Leprechaun Magnet

Your kids will love gluing together the popsicle sticks and painting this jolly man’s face!

St. Paddy’s Hat

This makes a great treat for kids to share at school.

Clover Button Craft

This fun craft promises to turn out art work you’ll want to keep.

St. Patrick’s Day Pancakes

Everyone knows we only eat the marshmallows anyway.

Make these “lucky” crafts this year with these tutorials and fun craft ideas from these articles:

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