12 Dirt Cheap Valentines Day Gifts in a Jar

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1. S’mores Valentine

Treat your loved one to a romantic bon fire where the two of you can roast ‘mallows and make sweet memories.

2. Fabric Hearts In A Jar

Hide fabric hearts everywhere: in their pockets, their car, and even their drawers. As they collect the hearts, they can keep them safe in this jar.

3. Pedicure In A Jar

Ladies, this is a great gift for men. So many of them dream of manicured toes but wouldn’t dare to step foot in a nail salon.

4. Pucker Up Valentine

Give your valentine something sweet so they know you’re thinking about them this time of year.

5. Detox Bath In A Jar

Give this gift of relaxation to any man or woman. A luxurious bath is a great way to say “I love you.”

6. Spa In A Jar

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a couples package at the spa, treat your honey at home!

7. Mason Jar Cocktail

This drink in a jar is sure to squash any nerves this Valentines day.

8. Tea Time Mason Jar

For the partner who enjoys a warm drink during the day!

9. Bloody Mary Mason Jar

Because who doesn’t love a Bloody Mary?

10. Ice Skating Date In A Jar

Give the gift of time together by making this cute date in a jar.

11. Red Velvet Cupcakes In A Jar

Mixes and batters in a jar are nice. But why give a jar with a treat they can eat right away instead?

12. Mini Golf Date In A Jar

Another date idea in a jar – mini golfing for a little light fun and flirting.

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