12 Speedy Fast Office Remodeling Projects

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1. Office Supply Organizer

Make this chic office supply organizer modeled after a unique Anthropology find.

2. Hanging Pin Board

Customize this hanging pin board with a fabric print that matches your color scheme.

3. Rustic Barn Desk

This tutorial provides the building plans for this gorgeous desk.

4. Computer Monitor Stand

Save your neck from unnecessary strain with this computer monitor stand.

5. Acrylic Wall Calendar

Go eco-friendly with a reusable calendar on your wall!

6. Hidden Printer

Many office goers have excepted the fate of staring at an ugly printer when you don’t actually have to anymore.

7. Floating Corner Shelves

Make your wall space more useful with floating shelves and extra storage.

8. Custom Mouse Pad

Give your mouse a little more friction to eliminate annoying mouse problems.

9. Desk Lamp

Bring more light to your space with a DIY lamp.

10. Standing Desk

Fix blood circulatory problems and boost creativity with a standing desk.

11. Mail Baskets

Organize in-coming and out-going mail in style.

12. File Cabinet

Store paperwork, photos, fabric, and more in a better looking file cabinet.

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