10 Snow-Based Activities for Kids

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1. Snow paint

Painting outside is every mother’s dream. No mess to clean up in doors and your kids will be entertained for hours.

2. Frozen Fractals Ice Art

Make your Disney-loving kids dreams come true by bringing some of Elsa’s magic to life.

3. Ice Chalk

Side walk chalk isn’t just for summer months! Give your kids a little fresh air with this fun cold weather activity.

4. Color Mixing With Ice

This is a great visual way for kids to learn about primary, secondary, and even tertiary colors!

5. Painting Snowmen

Once the snowman is built, the snow fun may have seemed to run out. But extend your children’s excitement with snow paint!

6. Winter Sensory Bags

The littles will love this sensory bag as they’ll have all the fun with snow minus the chilling temperatures.

7. Snow Ice Cream

Make a yummy treat with the snow….. besides snow cones!

8. Snow Volcano

Use the snow to teach your kids a little science lesson!

9. Snow Dough

Bring the snow indoors without the melting mess.

10. Super Bouncy Snowballs

Add more joy to a snowball fight with balls that bounce!

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