12 Enjoyable Ways to Celebrate NYE With Kids

12 Enjoyable Ways to Celebrate NYE With Kids| New Years Eve Party Ideas, Party Ideas, Holiday Party, Holiday Party Ideas, NYE Kid Activities, Kid Stuff, Popular Pin #NewYearsEve #PartyIdeas #KidsStuff

1. Countdown Bags

Each bag has a new activity, treat, or topic to discuss that you open before midnight!

6:30 PM – New Year’s Eve Dinner and Decor

7:30 PM – New Years Eve Loaded Questions Game

8:30 PM – New Year’s Resolutions

9:30 PM – New Year’s Eve Movie

10:30 PM – Cheers to the New Year PLUS “Midnight Kisses”

11:30 PM – Prepare to Ring in the New Year!

2. Make Confetti Poppers

Kids will enjoy being apart of this activity as they’re making the poppers, and especially when setting them off at midnight. Use toilet paper rolls and other craft supplies from Michaels. 

3. NYE Bingo

Entertain the kiddos with this fun game of BINGO. You’ll all enjoy your time together a bit more.

4. Make Party Hats

What’s a NYE celebration without party hats? This is a great activity to do while you’re counting down the hours until midnight.

5. Year In Review Photo Scavenger Hunt

Print and hide photos from the last year around the house and give a prize to whomever finds them all first! It’s a fun game combined with a walk down memory lane.

6. Indoor Snowball Fight

Use this tutorial to make your own snowballs. Have fun with your kids on NYE doing something they love without the mess and inevitable bruising.

7. Make NYE Glasses With Pipe Cleaner

Another classic NYE adornment is a set of glasses with the upcoming year on them. Teach your kids how to make these spectacles for NYE with pipe cleaner.

8. NYE Celebration Kits

Kids don’t know how to celebrate this strange holiday so it’s best to teach them with a kit! Movies, confetti, journals, and surprises will light up their eyes and plant special memories in their hearts.

9. Put Together A Time Capsule

Have everyone in the family add something to the capsule so as you gather around next year you can look back on the NYE before.

10. Balloon Drop

This one is pretty messy. But pull out the camera because faces are guaranteed to light up at midnight!

11. Play 20 Questions

Gather everyone around and ask these brain teasing questions. Our hearts and minds are sure to reflect on the past year.

12. Decide On New Resolutions!

Help your children to understand the purpose of goal setting. Everyone can set personal goals for the year. Then the family can decide on a goal you can all work on together!

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