Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas

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Nicholas Cage T-Shirt

It’s only $10 and it’s super ugly.

Box Of Scorn

A box full of cards to shame people who park like idiots for only $12.

Pooping Pooches Calendar

Give the gift of squatting dogs for $14.99.

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Looks like the joke is on the squirrel! $12.10

Inflatable Unicorn Horn

Unicorns, they’re all the rage right now. $6.74

Anal Piggy Bank

Give the gift of financial stability for $14.99.

Emergency Undies

For $6.90, you can never have too many

Magnetic Dog Butts

Dog butts never get old. $12.00

Weener Kleener Soap Ring

For the dirty boys at the party. $9.99

Unicorn Meat

It’s sure to make someone cry. $12.98

Toilet Mug

There’s nothing like a hot cup of toilet sludge! $12.99

Pick Your Nose Drinking Cups

For the frequent water cooler visitor at work. $10.00

Elf Butt Salt and Pepper Shaker

Knock out two shakers with one elf rump.

Moose Mitts

Now you’ll know who the real bakers are! $7.89

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