How to Build A Rustic Bench (For Less Than $20!)

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DesignDreams by Anne has taught us all how to build a rustic bench for just a few bucks! If you want to learn how, just follow along.

1. Gather your materials.

2, 2×4 11” pieces of wood.

2, 2×6 28” pieces of wood.

4, 2×6 16” pieces of wood.

Wood Screws

Paint or stain

2. Secure two 16” boards with an 11” board. Lay the 11” board across the top of the two 16” boards (laying side-by-side). Use 4 screws to secure.

3. Repeat this with the other two 16” boards and the remaining 11” board.

4.Stand the two structures up, with the 11” wood piece at the top, facing each other. Lay the 28” pieces of wood along the top to create the seat. Measure two inches from the outside of the 28” seat along the bottom.

5. Align the outside of the legs with your two inch mark. Secure the seat to the legs by drilling screws through the top of the seat into the legs.

Optional: add a cross piece to the bottom of your bench for added structural strength.
Now stain or paint your bench!

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