10 Ways to Brighten a Boring Balcony

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1. Install a lattice wall to grow your greenery.

Adding life and color through vibrant plants will make your balcony a more enjoyable resting place.

2. Create a reading nook on your balcony.

If your balcony is protected from the weather, use it as a space for literature, storing your books for a cozy reading nook.

3. Change the surface texture by adding smooth pebbles, sand, or fake grass.

This is an especially great idea if your living space didn’t come with a yard. Make yourself a little nature nirvana by transforming the floor of your balcony.

4. Install a hammock.

Rest easy, swing softly, and nap your heart out.

5. Cover your balcony in lights.

Add a little magic using twinkle lights, lanterns, or rope lights.

6. Add storage and functional space.

Don’t be afraid to use your balcony for more than just gazing at the surrounding scenery.

7. Grow a tree.

You can grow lots of things on your balcony, including fruit trees!

8. Cover up the railing.

Your railing is a nice sturdy place to attach tarps, floral designs, and more for some added color. So if it’s unattractive, cover it up!

9. Throw a basket over your balcony light.

Cover your inevitably ugly old balcony lighting and create lighting that will wow your visitors.

10. Make an art space.

You’ll find some of the best lighting on your balcony.

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