Magical Alternatives to Christmas Lights

WOOF! Hanging Christmas lights can be a drag. From the time you were a kid being forced to help mom and dad, and even now as an adult trying to decorate your own home. Is it the tangled ball of wires and lights? Or the freezing fingers that make it such a daunting task? Either way, we thought we’d let you in on a little secret. There are more ways to decorate your home with lights this Christmas other than climbing a ladder and risking sudden death.

Christmas Spot Lights

Have some spotlights laying around? Well with a little colored cellophane, you can shine a holiday colored light onto your house instead of hanging a string of lights along your roof line.
Here’s how it’s done: Cover half the light with red cellophane and the other half of the light with green cellophane. Secure the cellophane with tape. Point the light at your house and turn it on! Wow, that sure was easy.

Purchase Projector Lights Instead Of String Lights

These projector lights are built onto a stake. Plant one into your lawn in front of your house and turn it on. That’s all it takes to cover your home in seasonal colors and images.

Recycled Milk Jugs

You’ll still need a string of lights for this DIY but one string will make a much bigger impression on passers by. Start hanging onto your empty milk jugs. You’ll need one for every bulb on the strand. Fill the jugs half way with water, space them evenly on your walkway, and lay one bulb in the top of each jug. Tape the strand into place to make sure the light doesn’t fall out (or in!).

Christmas Orbs

Instead of untangling strings of lights each year, permanently fix them to a wire orb instead. You can make these eye catching beauties just once and use them year after year in your front lawn.

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