How to Transfer A Handmade Design to Wood

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Transferring simple graphics onto wood is a very simple project for making unique home decor, thoughtful gifts, or simply to just give your kids something to do together. Here, we’re sharing a tutorial created by Angela Marie. Take a look!

The Tools and Supplies You’ll Need For This Project:

Masking tape

Paint marker or permanent marker


Printed or handmade design

Your piece of wood

Step 1:  Create your design. You can either do this by hand or you can find something you like online and print it. Cut any excess paper away from the design.

Step 2: Flip your design over so the image is facing down on the table. Use a #2 pencil to heavily shade the outline of the back of the image you’re transferring. If your wood surface is very dark, you can use white chalk instead.

Step 3: Turn your image over again and place it on top of your wood. Secure it with masking tape. Trace over your image with pencil. Press down heavily with the pencil as your trace the outline of the image.

Step 4: Remove the paper from the wood. You’ll see the design has transferred onto the wood.

Step 5: Trace over your pencil outline using your paint marker. A fine tip permanent marker will work well for small lines and other little design features.


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