Handmade Birthday Presents for Boys

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A Deluxe Fort Kit

If you’re even slightly handy with a sewing machine, you can follow the instructions in this tutorial to make a killer fort that any boy would be excited to receive.

A Custom Backpack

Pick and choose colors and patterns to make a backpack for little boys. You can customize this gift according to whomever you choose to give it to.

A Tike-Sized Tool Bench

Your kiddo wants to emulate everything you do, including having his own set of tools and a place to put them to use.

A Wallet

Make this wallet fit for a small pocket. This is an especially cool gift for young boys learning to earn money through jobs around the house or in the neighborhood!

A No-Sew Super Hero Cape

For anyone afraid of the sewing machine (or simply lacking the know-how), give this no-sew super hero cape a shot.

A Personalized “Guess Who” Game

Throw in photos of friends and family to create a game the boys (and girls) will love to play.

A Collection Of Pool Noodle Light Sabers

You won’t believe how wide his eyes get when he unwraps an endless supply of light sabers. He’ll be begging to have friends over instantly.

A Set Of Star Wars Finger Puppets

Using felt, some very sharp scissors, and a tiny bit of glue, make him an adorable set of Star Wars themed finger puppets.

Real Life Angry Birds

Forget a boring old bowling set for the living room. Kids these days are into video games. Bring one of his favorite games to life with this Angry Birds tutorial.

An Astronaut Costume

Boys love to dress up too so don’t cross costumes off the list. With an old snow suit and a few rolls of duct tape, he’ll feel like he’s walking on the moon.


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