Life Hacks That Will Solve ANY Carpet Problem

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Get Rid Of Furniture Indentations In Carpet

Place ice cubes all around carpet indentations. As they melt, they will loosen the carpet fibers and they will spring back into place.

Keep Your Rugs In Place With Caulking

Tired of your rugs slipping around the floor? Create no-skid lines on the bottom side using caulking.

Rid Your Carpets Of Pet Hair Your Vacuum Can’t Suck Up

Carpets are super traps for pet dander. Even when you have a high end vacuum, there still always seems to be residual pet hair twisted into your carpet fibers. Pull them out by running a shower door squeegee over your carpeted floors.

Steam Dry Paint Out Of Carpet Fibers

What’s that on the carpet? Is it a piece of paper? Please, tell me it’s a piece of paper… No, it’s not paper. It’s dried paint. But don’t worry! You can get that out too.

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Patch A Hole In The Carpet

Get Rid Of Any Carpet Stain

At any given time, homeowners across America are stricken with panic as they watch food and other stain causing items fall to their carpeted floor. Really though, just about anything can be cleaned out of your carpet. To name a few – here are some of the most terrifying culprits below:

Tomato Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard

Scrape off excess ketchup.

Soak stain with cleaning product and water ASAP.


Freeze gum with ice cubes until hard.

Scrape off gum.

Use vinegar to dissolve and left over residue.


Scrape off excess.

Dissolve fats with surgical spirit.

Shampoo carpets.

Peanut Butter

Scrape off excess.

Clean with carpet cleaners and water as hot as you can stand.

Candle Wax

Scrape off excess.

Cover with bath towel.

Iron over the bath towel/stained spot – this transfers the wax to the towel.


Scrape off excess.

Spot clean with something that cuts grease like wood soap, dawn, or stronger chemicals.




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