Budget Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

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Corn Kernel Center Piece

There are a number of ways to create a center piece using dried corn kernels. Head to the dollar store for the glass container and the candle. Pick up the corn kernels at the grocery store (you may already have them in your pantry). Then tie a nice little bow (or not) around the outside and you’re done! Cover your fire place mantel with these festive candle holders for a smorgasbord of fall fun.

Painted Pine Cones

Your kids will love to help with this one. Let them hunt for the pine cones while you coat them in beautiful fall colors.

Copper Pumpkin Centerpieces

You can pick up plastic pumpkins at the dollar store. They sell them in a variety of sizes. Paint them copper (or with whatever spray paint you have in the garage) and fill them with fall foliage.


Metal Pumpkins

This is a spin off of a Pottery Barn pumpkin. You can save money by making your own when you follow this tutorial.

Candy Corn Table Toppers

Everyone loves candy corn, especially when they don’t have to actually eat it. Make this simple fall decor on your own.

Fall Table Runner

Another great scavenger hunt for the kids, collecting sticks for this table runner will keep them busy for hours. Once you have one of your own, you’ll use it for years to come.

Leafy Garlands

This fairy tale looking leaf garland will add instant sophistication to any room. The beautiful colors and delicate draping are sure to aw your guests.

Apple Tea Lights

This has to be the most gorgeous fall center piece on the web. Forget the pumpkins! It’s all about the apples. Now you have a legit reason to go apple picking!

Gold Painted Leaves

Using your extra frames, leaves from the yard, and a bit of gold spray paint, you can make a cohesive fall display for your home this year. Box them up when you’re done for next fall, or keep them up year round!

Mason Jar Leaves

Drill a hole in the tops of your mason jars, tie knots at the ends of the ropes – it’s really that simple. But how could such a high-end looking center piece be so easy!?


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