Cozy Ways to Repurpose Your Old Flannel Shirts

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Whether it’s your ex boyfriend’s shirt, it has a few holes in it, or you’ve outgrown it since last winter (oh well!), you don’t have to throw away your favorite flannel shirt! There are many ways you can repurpose an old flannel shirt and you’re guaranteed to love at least one of these 6 unique ideas.

1. Repurpose your flannel shirt by turning it into reusable hand warmers. After all, flannel was meant to keep you warm.

2. One flannel shirt can make enough flannel headbands to stuff everyone’s stockings this year!

3. Forget buying gift tags from the store this Christmas. Instead, use your old flannel shirt to create festive, personalized tags. Use a gold paint pen for extra glitz and glam.

4. Turn your over-sized flannel shirt into a stylish flannel vest! Flannel doesn’t have to have long sleeves to keep you warm when it’s lined with pockets and tailored for a perfect fit.

5. Create a warm flannel scarf that pairs great with solid print sweaters and Ugg boots. Keep that warm fabric around your neck to stay extra cozy this winter.

6. Create memories for your Christmas tree by helping your kids turn old flannel shirts into memorable and attractive tree ornaments. You can personalize these ornaments for members of your family, with photographs, or monograms.

2 comments for “Cozy Ways to Repurpose Your Old Flannel Shirts

  1. November 16, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Thanks for including my Flannel Vest Refashion! It’s still one of my favorite DIY projects and I just wore it yesterday 🙂

    • haybowen
      November 20, 2017 at 1:59 pm

      I loved it! It was one of my very favorite projects to be featured. Thank you for sharing it!

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