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Waiting for your sweet little babe to arrive is such an exciting time. Preparing the car seat, packing your overnight bag, and washing all their sweet little clothes in all natural, chemical free, organic laundry detergent are such fun chores.

As you pull the final details together for the baby’s very first bedroom, consider the following DIY tutorial for making baby’s first mobile!

This tutorial was created originally by MorningCreativity and we loved it so we thought we’d share!

Items you’ll need:

Beach wood (light weight sticks)

Colored felt balls


Sewing Needle

Ceiling Hook

We also suggest using a bolt that fits the thread of the ceiling hook to secure the mobile and prevent pieces from falling out of place.

Using your needle, thread, and felt balls, create a garland of felt balls to be tied to your beach wood. You’ll want to measure the appropriate length for hanging above the baby’s bed and be sure these items will stay out of baby’s reach.

To make this next step easier you can pre drill your holes with a power drill and drill bit. Fasten the two pieces of beach wood or sticks together using your ceiling hook. It is not pictured here but we would suggest securing the bottom side of the ceiling hook after it is fasted to the wood with a bolt.

Tie your felt ball garland to the ends of each of your sticks and mount the mobile to the ceiling above baby’s bed!

{Final Product}

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