10 Extraordinary DIY Mirrors

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1. Floral Frames

You might have a hard time getting this past your husband, but if you can swing it this floral DIY mirror will steal the show in any room.

2. Gold Leafed Reflections

Looking for great selfie lighting? Warm it up with this gold leaf framed mirror.

3. DIY Wood Framing

Take a cheap wardrobe mirror from Amazon and turn it into something worthy of Pottery Barn with this easy DIY make over.

4. Plywood Mirror Makeover

Increase the functionality of your bedroom mirror by adding storage! This DIY tutorial includes instructions to make a beautiful accessory with practical shelving.

5. Macrame Mirroring

Have a thing for macrame? Translate that love to your mirrors and keep the theme going throughout your whole house!

6. Bathroom Storage Mirror

This project takes a bit more carpentry skill but can add literal equity to your home’s value with the amount of storage you’re getting in a single bathroom mirror.

7. Tray-Turned-Mirror

This DIY transforms a tray into a mirror. The funny thing is you still get a tray out of the deal with shelving created on your wall!

8. Dollar Tree Mirror Art

Make a large, framed, good-looking mirror one dollar at a time! This tutorial pieces 12 dollar store mirrors together but you can customize this mirror and make it any size you want.

Purchase the mirrors here! 

9. Minimalist Mirror

Keep things light (visually) with this minimalist mirror for your bedroom. With oaky feet and a fingerprint-free shine, it really looks like a million bucks.

10. Sunburst Mirror

This gold accent cost a surprising $10. Not sure it gets any more budget friendly than this, folks.

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