The Foolproof Guide to Reupholstering

The Foolproof Guide to Reupholstering| How to Reupholster Furniture, Repurpose Projects, Remodel Projects, How to Reupholster Chairs, An Easy Guide to Reupholstering, Popular Pin

Few compliments feel as good as when someone tells you how great your DIY turned out.

“Wow, what gorgeous dining table chairs you have!” says your friend you haven’t seen since high school.

“Oh, thank you so much! I reupholstered them myself” you reply with a sly smile.

Deep down inside, you know you’re killing it at this “difficult” thing they call adulthood. If you haven’t experienced this sensational high yet, then buckle up. You’re about to learn the simplest way to reupholster just about anything – starting with your dining room chairs.

Tools you’re going to need:

New upholstery material

Power drill or screwdriver

Staple gun


Fabric scissors

Step 1. Disassemble the chair and remove the cushioned seat.
Step 2. Using your pliers to remove the staples, remove the current seat cushion fabric cover.
Step 3. Cover the seat cushion with your new upholstery material. Place the cushion face down on the floor.
Step 4. Staple the upholstery to the bottom side of the seat cushion around the entire perimeter. Your staples should be very close together, leaving no gaps.
Step 5. Re assemble your dining table chair!

Optional: Don’t stop with just the re upholstering of your seat cushions. Give the whole chair a facelift by sanding and re staining or painting the rest of the chair.

You’re going to need –

Spray paint or wood stain


Paint brush


Step 1. Before re assembling your chair after you’ve successfully reupholstered the seat cushion, sand down any scratches or inconsistencies on the surface. Wipe clean with a damp rag to remove sanding residue.
Step 2. Spray your paint color of choice or apply a new stain to the wooden chair. Follow the instructions on the product label.
Step 3. Once your paint or stain has fully dried, coat the chair with polyurethane to extend the life of your paint job.
Step 4. Re assemble your new dining table chair!






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