Build Your Own Hammock Stand

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We have all kids of parks around in our community from regular playground parks to shared gardens.  Some parks were designed specifically to be sledding hills in the winter and others include sandy beaches for water activities around the lake.  The most interesting of all these parks is the hammock park.  Yup, a park designated just for hammock lounging.  The neighborhood was a bit confused when the park was first being built.  We couldn’t tell why there were dozens of wooden poles sticking up out of the ground.  But now, people wanting some quiet rest and relaxation only need to bring a hammock, set it up, and lounge away.  This intriguing community park of ours is fun to have as an option, but it got me thinking how someone with limited time (aka- parents!) could have the convenience of an at-home hammock without all the set-up and take-down. I’ve done some research and here’s what I’ve found.  Read on learn how to build your very own luxurious hammock stand.

1. Gather Them Supplies

You’ll need some particular supplies to make your lazy daydreaming a reality.  Here’s a list of all you need:

  • Eight 8′ 2×4 boards with a few scrap pieces of about 6″ in length
  • Four 1/2″ diameter, 12″ long bolts
  • Six 1/2″ diameter, 8″ long bolts- Please note that the 12″ and 8″ bolts will be sticking out a bit.  This provides stability for the hammock, but you can opt for slightly shorter bolts if you’d prefer.
  • Ten 1/2″ nuts
  • Ten 1/2″ washers
  • Measuring tape
  • Circular saw or chop saw
  • Drill and 1/2″ paddle bit
  • Deck screws

2. Get Your Hammock!

Have fun looking around for and buying your hammock.  No point in having a hammock stand without the actual hammock 😉

REI has some good options that you can find both online or in stores.  Also check out online stores such as Hayneedle if you’d like a slightly fancier looking hammock.

3. Drill Holes

Before taking a single step, it helped me to keep a mental image of the hammock stand in my mind.  The stand reminds me of a Viking ship or a bowl, where the two sides slant up at an angle from the base. Now the following steps will make sense.  Start by laying two 8′ boards parallel to each other on the ground. Using your paddle bit, drill a hole 6″ from both sides of both boards.

4. Drill & Align

Take two more of your 8′ boards and lay them flat on the ground.  Again using the paddle bit, drill a hole 4″ from one end only on each board.  Line up all four boards that you’ve drilled through like in the picture below.  Insert one of your scrap pieces in the middle after drilling a hole in the middle.  Insert a 12″ bolt through all 5 holes and secure with a nut and washer.  DO NOT tighten the bolts too tight yet!  You will need to angle the boards in the shape of your hammock stand before tightening them down firmly.

5. Repeat

Once you have one side lined up and bolted, you’ll repeat step 4 using two more 8′ boards, a second piece of scrap wood, and another 12″ bolt.  When step 5 is complete, you will have 6 boards bolted and laid out in a long line.

6. Setting the Angles

With your base structure bolted (loosely!), you’re ready to determine the angle at which the sides will be set.  To do this, pull out your hammock and lay it down on the ground above your base.  Next, slant the side boards up to make that Viking ship or bowl shape.  You will stretch the hammock between the boards, looking to see at what point the hammock will hang about 4-5′ off the ground.  This is the angle at which you will set the sides and secure the bolts.

7. Secure Bolts At Same Angle

Be sure that when you are securing the nuts and bolts that both sets are fixed at the same angle.  I recommend using a protractor for this step.

8. Set Braces

Once your base frame is set and secured, you’ll need to make stabilizing braces for frame support.  To do this, take and cut in half an 8′ board.  Drill a hole about 4″ from each end of both 4′ pieces. Place each half on either end of the frame above the joints.  Determine the angle at which the braces will be set and then drill holes through the base boards where the brace will attach to the base (see picture).  Bolt together the braces and the frame using scrap pieces as fillers (see picture).

9. Add Feet

You will need to add “feet” to your base to help your hammock frame stand upright.  Take an 8′ board and cut it in half.  Screw one of the new 4′ boards underneath each end of the frame using deck screws.

10. S Hook

Most hammocks are sold with S hooks to hang from.  For this step, you will add an 8″ bolt to both ends of your frame so you can attach the S hooks.  You will place the bolt at the point where you had decided your hammock will hang from back in step 6.  Simply drill holes and slide the bolt through.  Also secure/screw a piece of scrap wood between the frame boards about 4″ below the bolt.  Attach the S hooks.

11. Tighten Bolts

You’re almost done!  All that’s left to do is make sure all bolts have been tightened and that everything is structurally secure.

12. Relax!

You did it!  Horray!  You now have a hammock of your very own to use whenever you’d like.  So why the heck are you still sitting here?!  Go grab a book, some sunglasses, and go take a nap in your awesome new hammock!

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