Gifts In a Jar You Can DIY In 10 Minutes or Less

I can’t totally explain why since you can see through most of them, but gift jars are such fun gifts!  I think it’s because you put a handful of items in each jar so it feels a bit like opening Christmas or birthday presents each time you pull another surprise out of the jar.  I love giving them out during the holidays, for teacher appreciation, as neighbor gifts, for wedding and baby showers, or just because.  There are SO many fabulous gift jar themes, but here’s a list of 10 to give you some ideas.

1. A Little T.L. Vitamin C

When you have a friend or family member who comes down with a cold, give them a little tender love and vitamin C.  I love the honey bear to go with the lemon tea!  See One Good Thing By Jillee for the idea.

2. Sunshine in a Jar

Surprise someone with some sunshine in a jar.  I actually keep a couple of these jars on hand for those days when a friend or colleague needs a little encouragement or recognition.  Anything yellow works!  Great idea from Fun-Squared.

3. MistleTOE Kisses

Give a friend a pedicure in a jar for a little mistleToe treatment during the cold winter months.  Be sure to print out the cute free gift tag.  See the idea from Lil Luna.

4. Congrad-jar-lations!

Help your graduate cap off their schooling with this graduation hat jar.  Fill the jar with cash, gift cards, tickets to a show, or anything else personal to the graduate.  Idea found here.

5. Teacher’s Pet

Teachers work beyond hard to educate and raise our children!  A little thank you gift goes a long way to show your appreciation for their time, money, and energy.  Step away from the treats and candy that everyone else gives to teachers by going instead with some useful classroom supplies and the ever-appreciated GIFT CARDS!  The apple jar is especially adorable!  Source.

6. Shake Well Before Use

Take gift card giving to a totally new level with this fun snow globe idea.  Simply glue a gift card or two in a jar with other holiday-themed trinkets, fill with water, and add some glitter for effect.  I knew I always liked snow globes.

7. It’s Sew Jarring!

Here’s a gift jar idea for the sewer or crafter in your life.  Fill the glass with supplies and materials to get them started in a new hobby or to keep their addiction alive.  The pin cushion top is especially creative!  These would be great welcoming gifts for a sewing club!  Smashed Peas and Carrots shares the DIY tutorial here.

8. Dough Not Be Bored!

Give the gift of fun and laughter for those cold winter days spent stuck indoors.  When you’re on Winter Break and stuck inside, have your kids help make this super yummy gingerbread playdoh.  Then put some in a jar and share the fun with friends and neighbors.  Recipe and directions from Sweet Sugar Belle.

9. Oh Baby, Baby!

Give your next baby shower gift some new life by placing baby care products in a glass jar.  So easy and nice for a change!  Idea from Lavish Baby Baskets.

10. Popping Favors

It can be hard to find party favors that don’t pop your wallet but these popcorn-in-a-jar favors are the corn to your cob!  Add flavored popcorn to match the event or you can opt for unpopped kernels instead for a slightly different effect.  Idea from Wedding Chicks.

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